Anger Management Exercises: Know And Control Your Anger Type


Author: Shunsuke Ando

The book begins with a diagnostic test for anger type and proceeds into anger habit improvement training and a 21-day attitude adjustment training program.   It is filled with methods that can be applied right away to make anger management a reality.

The 6 Anger Types:

  1. Just And Upright – The defender of justice charges in!
  2. Learned And Talented – The fastidious perfectionist gets everything done right!
  3. Pomp And Circumstance – This immaculate leader will put their trust in you!
  4. Gentle But Firm –  A charming contrast?  The warrior with singular purpose
  5. Careful And Vigilant – The strategist who never fights a losing battle
  6. Naive And Innocent – The free spirit who wants everything to go their way

The 5 Anger Habit Categories:

This section includes both “prescriptions” to deal with personal anger as well as strategies on how to deal with people with different anger habits.

  • Anger Intensity
  • Anger Duration
  • Anger Frequency
  • Anger Resistance
  • Anger Aggressiveness

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