Anger Management: The Step By Step Guide For Men And Women


…To Improve Self-control, Manage Your Emotions, Master Your Emotional Intelligence And Archive Freedom from Anger, Stress and Anxiety.

Author: Mike Collins

If You’re Angry At Yourself For Being So Angry, This Method Will Help.

Do you fume with anger when your toddler won’t go to sleep?   Do you feel your blood pressure rise when your bus leaves just a second before you get to the bus stop?   Do you lash out at a loved one because they’ve forgotten to start the dishwasher?

Anger is a fundamental human emotion that triggers the fight-or-flight response to a perceived threat.   It’s quite useful if you have a split second to react to a tiger that’s pouncing on you.   However, it’s harmful in most daily situations – both for your health and for your relationships.

That’s why psychological science has developed a set of tools for anger management.   These strategies and techniques are aimed at defusing your rage, understanding what triggers you, and learning how to communicate your hurt feelings differently.

This book is a beginner-friendly introduction to anger management.   It’s a practical handbook that’s filled to the brim with exercises, step-by-step strategies, and actionable tips that you can apply right NOW.

Here’s what you’ll achieve as you go through this book:

  • You’ll learn to identify your main type of anger and the situations that trigger it
  • You’ll control your outbursts with mindfulness exercises and other professionally developed, scientifically proven techniques
  • You’ll calmly communicate your feelings and concerns instead of exploding with anger
  • You’ll adopt key lifestyle changes that make anger management easier

And much more!

In short, this book is your ticket to a happier you.   Your family life is guaranteed to improve dramatically.   You’ll feel better in your workplace and might even get a promotion because “people skills” make you a better professional in any field.   Your body will thank you for keeping it relaxed and calm.


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