Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them


Author: Paul Hegstrom

From the earliest years of his marriage, Paul Hegstrom handled his problems and frustrations the only way he knew how: with fists and fury.   Talking about the problem only intensified his rage.   Going into the Christian ministry didn’t help either, the guilt merely magnified his despair.   Facing a charge of attempted murder and a prison term, Hegstrom got the wake-up call he needed.

With professional help and an intense struggle with spiritual issues, he began the lengthy process of healing and recovery.  Through a fascinating, yet thorough examination of the psychological components of various types of abuse, along with true examples from his own life and others, Hegstrom points the way back to wholeness and freedom.

An invaluable aid for the man who batters, the woman who feels trapped, and the pastor, counselor, or friend who desperately wants to help them both, Angry Men and the Women Who Love Them  offers straight answers for those willing to overcome the cycle of violence.   The revised and updated edition includes a new chapter that discusses the physiological and psychological changes in the brain when abuse occurs.

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