Boundless Creativity Workbook


A Spiritual Workbook For Overcoming Self-Doubt, Emotional Traps, And Other Creative Blocks

Author: Martha Alderson, MA

A transformational guide from the author of The Plot Whisperer  to lead you — step by step — on a spiritual journey toward living your best, most creative life.

Creativity engages our imagination and opens us up to thinking differently.   It frees us from the constraints of everyday life, allowing us to access a part of ourselves that is not ruled by time, pressures, or conditions.   It’s no wonder many of us long for more of it in our lives.   When creative energy flows through us, it connects us to our deepest selves, as well as the world around us.

If you’ve ever embarked on a creative project, you may have experienced moments of pure joy or a sense of higher consciousness, when creativity seemed to pour from you.   It’s also likely you’ve encountered moments of feeling stuck or blocked, being full of fear and self-doubt, or just not seeing the point.   The truth is, emotions have a way of powerfully disrupting our creative flow and dismantling our inspiration.   And by examining how emotions affect creativity — how entangled we can become in our own negative thoughts and beliefs — we can learn to unblock channels of inspiration and reach our true creative potential.

Boundless Creativity  is designed to help writers, artists, and anyone feeling creatively blocked move beyond the self-doubt and criticism, past emotional wounds, and habits and patterns that keep you from realizing your artistic ambitions.   Using a powerful technique called “The Universal Story”— a four-phase program with easy-to-follow steps and exercises — you’ll learn to identify and dissolve the emotional and energetic blocks that get in the way of your creativity.

With these tips and tools, you’ll have the keys to unlock creative inspiration, intuition, and new ways of seeing yourself and the world — with acceptance, emotional balance, and a tolerance of imperfection.

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