Breaking Free Of The Co-Dependency Trap


Authors: Janae B. Weinhold, PhD and Barry K. Weinhold, PhD

This best-selling book, now in a revised edition, radically challenges the prevailing medical definition of co-dependency as a permanent, progressive, and incurable addiction.   Rather, the authors identify it as the result of developmental traumas in early childhood that interfere with the infant-parent bonding relationship during the first year of life leaving people with incomplete developmental processes that have to be completed as an adult.

Drawing on three decades of clinical experience, Barry and Janae Weinhold correlate the developmental causes of co-dependency with adult relationship problems.   These include the following:
  • difficulty in establishing boundaries in your relationships and being invaded by the demands of others,
  • clinging and dependent behaviors,
  • excessive people-pleasing, and
  • difficulty being successful in work situations.
The book provides practical activities to help readers identify the sources of their adult co-dependent behaviors and suggests ways to change them.

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