Chi Kung in Recovery


Finding Your Way to a Balanced and Centered Recovery
Author: Gregory S. Pergament

Chi kung, the art of cultivating life force energy, is here distilled into a key selection of exercises designed to boost health and increase mind-body-spirit consciousness.   For anyone interested in exercise with a deeper spiritual significance, this step-by-step guide takes readers through essential breathing, meditation, and mindfulness techniques that yield exponentially more powerful benefits than traditional exercise.

Gregory S. Pergament is a clinical associate at the Las Vegas Recovery Center and an ordained Zen Buddhist and Taoist Priest.   In June of 2005, he was promoted to Black Sash-Associate Instructor at the Lohan School of Shaolin in Las Vegas, Nevada, under the tutelage of Sigung/Dashi Steven Baugh.   In addition to his teaching duties, Gregory leads “Desert Dharma,” a Buddhism and twelve-step meditation group.

He has been in long-term recovery for more than twenty years.