Clean Your Mind Body And Soul


Co-Dependency * Narcissistic Abuse * Self Soul Healing

Author: K. L. Wallen

This is a book for people who do not know they need to find out how to love themselves.   It is about forgiving yourself for not knowing better, learning better, and then going and being better, even if it means starting all over again.   Starting from ground zero.   It is about forgiving the past and learning how to get the energy to move forward with a newer you — a new self.   It is about learning about boundaries — setting them and following them.   It is a new life resolution to be authentically you. It is learning the power of the next level and that it is not what others say about you.

It is what your higher power says about you.   It is about knowing you are endorsed and learning how to learn faster and to never quit until you make it.   It is definitely about learning not to feel worthless but learning your worth.   It’s learning to remove everything that did not work and embracing the “being full of yourself” persona and learning to fulfill the highest trust in yourself.   It is about figuring out your purpose and then going for it.   It is about waking up the authentic, beautiful, real you.

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