Crushing Codependency And Relational Idolatry


A Stone’s Throw From Freedom

Author: Mary Lehman

After years of living behind walls to hide her guilt and shame, author Mary Lehman describes her journey from shame-based religion to a grace-based relationship with the Three In One.   For God to get her attention, it took the death of her husband and the separation from someone with whom she had developed an unhealthy codependent friendship.

Because, in the past, Mary had fallen into an inappropriate relationship, she recognized the slippery slope she was on.   Amid the months of grief and desperation, she made the decision to never go down that road again.   Seeking God, she came to realize He had put her on a path where she could receive His deliverance from codependency and relational idolatry.

Since then, Mary has overcome the spiritual abuse, internalized shame, and habits of risk-taking that kept her in bondage for decades; she has renewed her mind with the gospel of grace.   As her new identity, she has put on Christ.   Now, applying the story of David and Goliath, Mary shares her journey in detail and describes her newfound peace and freedom.

This is the narrative of a woman who has found transformation within her faith, escaping the mental and emotional traps that had kept her from healing and joy.


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