Conquering Shame and Codependency


8 Steps to Freeing the True You
Author: Darlene Lancer

A nationally recognized author and codependency expert examines the roots of shame and its connection with codependent relationships.  Learn how to heal from the destructive hold of shame and codependency by implementing eight steps that will empower the real you and lead to healthier relationships.

Shame. The torment you feel when you’re exposed, humiliated, or rejected.  The feeling of not being good enough.  It’s a deeply painful, universal emotion, yet it is not frequently discussed.  For some, shame lurks in the unconscious, undermining self-esteem and destroying confidence, leading to codependency on others.  These codependent relationships – in which we overlook our own needs and desires as we try to care for, protect, or please another — are often covering up abuse, addiction, or other harmful behaviors.  Shame and codependency feed off one another, making us feel stuck and unable to let go, move on, and become the true self we were meant to be.

In Conquering Shame and Codependency,  Darlene Lancer sheds new light on shame, revealing how feelings and beliefs about shame affect identity and behavior and how shame can corrode relationships, destroying trust and love.  She then provides the eight key steps needed for healing from shame, learning to love yourself, and developing healthy relationships.