Diagrams For Living


Author: Emmet Fox

A beloved teacher and best-selling author offers diagrams for living to show “how you can come out of limitation and find real happiness.”

Fox has inspired millions of people over the past forty years through his simple, practical guidelines.   In Diagrams for Living,  he presents valuable keys to living a more fulfilled life drawn from the eloquent spiritual wisdom of the Bible.

If we read the Bible literally, cautions Fox, we miss the eternal power and personal relevance found in its symbols, allegories, and parables.   “Whether you realize it or not,” he writes, “you are on every page from Genesis to Revelation.”

Fox shows how to read dramatic biblical stories as symbolic diagrams for living that can “show you how to overcome difficulties and problems, and how to give expression to the deep aspirations that lie hidden in your soul.”   This power to reveal, inspire, and guide makes the Bible’s teachings adaptable to everyone at every stage of spiritual development.

Sensible, contemporary, and full of reassurance, Diagrams for Living  offers sage counsel from a gifted teacher.

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