Emotional Sobriety – Volume Two


The Next Frontier

The second collection of essays from Grapevine magazine that speak to emotional sobriety – a powerful concept first described by AA co-founder Bill W. Only through his own painful, closely observed experience could Bill W. have identified “the next major development in AA – real maturity and balance.”   He was telling us that emotional sobriety is our next frontier.

The editors of Grapevine, the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, have collected more than 40 stories of sober women and men that describe the personal transformations that sobriety can bring when practicing the principles of AA in all aspects of their lives.

The stories in this collection demonstrate how emotional sobriety is a vital element of recovery from alcoholism or other addictions.   Here are the creative, heartfelt insights of several dozen sober seekers whose articles in the Grapevine offer insights that can light the way to our own “quiet place in bright sunshine.”

In these personal essays from members of the AA Fellowship, you’ll discover what emotional sobriety is all about.   To quote from Bill Wilson, “the development of much more real maturity and balance (which is to say, humility)” in all of one’s relations.   Many discover that happiness is a by-product of giving without any demand for return; others learn to embrace the present with gratitude so they may claim moments of real peace.

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