Empath: Psychic Empathy: Restore Your Health


…Control Your Emotion Skills And Protect Yourself From Narcissistic Abuse

Manage Your Empathy And Develop Your Spiritual Gift

Author: Debbie Elisabeth

Are you often described as being overly emotional or sensitive?   Do you struggle with keeping your emotions in check and staying calm when you find yourself in confrontations and overwhelming situations?

Inside you will discover:

  • How empathy functions in interpersonal relationships and social groups
  • Where empathy comes from, and why some of us seem to have so much more of it at our disposal than others
  • All about empath types
  • How to enhance your empathic gifts and reconnect with your authentic self
  • How to determine, define, establish, and enforce your boundaries as an empath
  • How to handle ideas and beliefs that are contradictory to your world view
  • How to ask for compensation and reciprocity in your healing work
  • All about emotional healing techniques
  • All about physical healing techniques
  • All about metaphysical healing
  • How to keep yourself balanced and fulfilled through self-care

…and more!

Having clear strategies and a roadmap to negate difficult situations with people is vital for you as an empath.   Developing these healthy habits means perhaps people may not act any differently themselves, but how you react will be in a much more balanced and calm manner in which you don’t take things so personally.


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