Empaths And Narcissistic Abuse: Empath Healing


Self-protection, Emotional Healing, And Better Relationships

Workbook To Develop Your Emotional Intelligence, Improve Self Esteem And Self Confidence 

Author: Melody Bancroft

Empaths are natural born healers.   If you have struggled to manage your sensitivities in a world that seems intolerant of your desire for positive connection, it may be time to channel your energies into healing work, so that you can embrace your gifts instead of fighting to minimize them.   By working to cure the emotional and physical suffering of others, many empaths find that they are also able to heal and empower themselves in the process.

When practiced responsibly, empathic healing methods can work to replenish your energy reserves, rather than leaving you drained.   Furthermore, healing work can allow empaths to connect with other like-minded individuals who validate their experiences, rather than negating their personal truths.

You’re going to uncover:

  • Surefire signs that you or someone you know is an empath
  • Career tracks and professions best suited to empaths as well as jobs to stay away from
  • How to develop your natural gifts and become an empath warrior
  • Proven ways to turn your own empathy into a superpower
  • How to control your empathy and avoid getting drained by the emotional energy put out by other people
  • Effective ways empaths can protect themselves from predatory narcissists and other machiavellian personalities
  • How to increase your self-awareness and become more confident
  • Everything you need to know about life as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)
  • The different types of highly sensitive people and how to identify which type you are
  • Proven ways to effectively cope with intense emotions and prevent emotional overload
  • The ultimate guide to dealing with stress and anxiety as a highly sensitive person

And more!

Being an empath means more than one thing.   It is a complex and sometimes bewildering array of emotions and awareness that takes time to come to terms with.


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