Self Esteem Guide To Overcome Fear, Anxiety And Narcissistic Abuse


…Using Emotional Intelligence And Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

(Improve Your Emotional Intelligence And Forget the Narcissist) 

Author: Melody Casey

This book written to show you how to transform your empathic abilities into your superpowers.   With this easy-to-use and captivating guide, you’ll discover how to overcome your limiting beliefs at home or work and live in harmony with your sensitive nature.

In this guide, you’ll discover:

  • The true meaning of an empath and the traits of an empath
  • Differences between an empath and highly sensitive people
  • Types of empaths & the level of empath you are
  • The challenges empaths face, and how to overcome them
  • How to put yourself first, and stop pleasing other people all the time
  • How to protect yourself as an empath, and use your abilities for good

Even if it seems like voodoo to you, you will get a clear understanding after you read this book.   It is basically you receiving messages when you are in different states.   Knowing these states and how to interpret the messages will help you realize that it is more of a gift than sorcery.


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