The Insomnia Workbook


A Comprehensive Guide To Getting The Sleep You Need 

Author: Stephanie A. Silberman, PhD, DABSM

Forget expensive mattresses, fancy foam pillows, and white noise machines.  There’s no better treatment for insomnia than cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).  Research has shown that CBT works even better than powerful sleep medications, and with this workbook, it’s easier than ever to put these strategies to work to help you ward off insomnia and finally get to sleep.

The Insomnia Workbook  is designed to simulate the experience of seeing a professional CBT sleep specialist.  First, you’ll assess your sleep habits with questionnaires and evaluate how your sleep problem affects your life; then you’ll learn a variety of proven techniques sleep specialists recommend to their clients.  This book includes all of the tools you need to better understand your insomnia and create an effective plan for getting the sleep you need.

With this complete program, you’ll:

  • Stop the racing thoughts that keep you awake at night
  • Train yourself to sleep using stimulus control, sleep restriction, and deep relaxation skills
  • Identify foods and lifestyle factors that may be making things worse
  • Keep a personal sleep log to track your progress

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