Ending My Silence: Rising Above Sexual And Emotional Abuse


Author: Lydia Lin

Everyone has to sort through their experiences of life and find their truth, but what do you do when the people who claim to love you the most are also the most abusive?   Growing up in a toxic household, Lydia had hoped that as an adult she would find freedom and loving relationships.

However, from age 18, she found herself still trapped in the same, dysfunctional family situation, but now with sexually and emotionally abusive romantic partners along with it.   She needed to find a way to break free of these relationships in her life or risk continued distress – distress that could lead to devastating and possibly catastrophic after-effects.

Read about Lydia’s relentless pursuit to survive her abuse and trauma, learn the effects abuse can have, and share in her strength and efforts to tackle the obstacles in life.

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