Five Good Minutes


100 Morning Practices To Help You Stay Calm & Focused All Day Long

Authors: Jeffrey Brantley, MD and Wendy Millstine, NC

The 100 simple practices found in Five Good Minutes®  are designed to help even the busiest person start the day right.   Using just five minutes of mindfulness, relaxation, or imagery techniques during their morning routines, readers can set their intentions and greet the day feeling calm, centered, and energized.

What difference can five minutes make in the crazy, nonstop course of a sixteen-hour day?   For people feeling overwhelmed with responsibility, bored with the same tired routine, or frustrated about how to create meaning in their lives, a little time well spent can lead to extraordinary changes.   This book shows readers how to dramatically improve their lives in just a few moments each day.   The concept is powerfully simple: Readers take the time each morning to be fully present, to set a clear intention for themselves, and to really engage in any of 100 fun and easy-to-follow practices.   Soon they will discover that amazing things can happen in just five minutes.

The book provides guided imagery, relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation practices-fun activities that relieve stress and create meaning and purpose in the reader’s day.   These practices help readers feel good, get motivated, and become inspired to change their lives for the better.   Over time, these activities become guideposts readers will return to throughout the day, providing energy and inspiration when they need them most. In other words, the time readers of this book take for themselves in the morning might just be the five good minutes that change their lives.

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