Food Addicts In Recovery Anonymous (Large Print)


What makes some people continue to eat when they are not hungry?   Why are they unable to stick to a diet despite warnings from doctors and their own understanding of health and nutrition?   Most people are familiar with the concept of alcoholism and drug addiction, but the idea that certain foods and quantities of foods can be addictive is only slowly gaining acceptance.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous is for anyone who wants to learn more about food addiction and the solution offered by Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous (FA).   The book includes an explanation of food addiction, a history of FA, and thirty personal stories of members who tried countless solutions to address their problems with food and found a long-term answer in FA.

Food addiction is not simply a physical problem. We know we shouldn’t eat the foods and quantities we eat, but we can’t help ourselves.

We may be obese, extremely thin, bulimic, compulsive exercisers, or even a normal weight, but we are also victims of a debilitating obsession.

Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous describes food addiction and highlights individual stories of 30 members of the Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous program (FA), and the process of long-term recovery.


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