Fourth Step Guide – Journey Into Growth


Part of the Hazelden Classics for Clients Collection
Authors: Jon R. Weinberg, PhD, and Daryl Kosloske, ACSW

In this helpful guide, the authors lead us through exercises that enable us to examine our behaviors, thoughts, feelings and actions in preparation for the Fifth Step.

“Step Four of the Twelve Step program is intended to move us beyond sobriety and into the journey of lifelong recovery.  This Step challenges us to take “a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves” – that is, to honestly examine how our emotions and behaviors affect our relationships with others and ourselves.

Fourth Step Guide: Journey Into Growth includes exercises to help us take a thorough account of our behaviors, both positive and negative ones, and change our attitudes – from intolerance to tolerance. resentment to acceptance, and self-pity to coping with reality – in order to aspire toward positive growth as preparation for working the other Steps in the program.”

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