Habit Swap


Trade In Your Unhealthy Habits For Mindful Ones

Author: Hugh G. Byrne, PhD

Daily practices to help you replace unhealthy habits with conscious, healthy choices

All of us have a harmful habit we’d like to change — whether it’s unhealthy eating, excessive drinking or shopping, procrastination, compulsively checking email and texting, TV bingeing, worrying, stressful thinking, ‘busyness,’ impatience, or even aggressive driving.   But no matter what your bad habit is, you have the power to change it.

From the author of the highly successful The Here-and-Now Habit,  this practical guide offers everyday mindful practices for replacing unhealthy habits with healthier ones.   With this book, you’ll learn to break free from stubborn behaviors, and discover the freedom and peace that come with living mindfully.   You’ll also learn how to develop resilience; manage the difficult emotions that lie at the root of your bad habits; and cultivate acceptance, kindness, and curiosity.

Once you are aware of the emotions that drive your bad habits, you’ll feel empowered to make wise and beneficial choices that enhance your well-being.   This go-to guide will help you, every step of the way.

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