Healthy Dependency


Leaning on Others Without Losing Yourself
Authors: Robert F. Bornstein PhD, Mary A. Languirand PhD

From the psychologist who coined the phrase “healthy dependency” – the first and only book that outlines its four key steps and helps readers understand and use these principles to achieve balance in love, in friendships, with family, and at work.

The research is clear:   Too much dependency in our relationships can be a bad thing, but too little dependency is just as bad.   Healthy dependency – that flexible middle ground between rigid independence and unhealthy overdependence – is the ability to balance intimacy and autonomy, lean on others while maintaining a strong sense of self, and feel good (not guilty) about asking for help when you need it.

The authors’ studies confirm that healthy dependency brings a wealth of positive effects including:

  • Increased satisfaction in love relationships
  • Greater likelihood of academic and career success
  • Better family communication and improved parenting skills
  • Enhanced physical and psychological health

This unique book, meticulously organized and laced throughout with case studies, anecdotes, relationship-style questionnaires, and research findings, draws from the authors’ more than 20 years of research and clinical experience.   A valuable guide to achieving healthy relationships between men and women of all ages, it will help readers identify where they are on the relationship continuum, and understand the skills they will need to address in order to strengthen their personal, professional, and family relationships.

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