The Steps We Took


A Teacher Of The Twelve Steps Shares His Experience, Strength, and Hope With All Those Recovering From Addictions, All Who Want To Recover, And All Who Love Them

Author: Joe McQ.

The words of this book’s title are said aloud every day by thousands of people meeting together to help each other recover from addictions.   The addictions may be to alcohol or cocaine, gambling or food, violence or sex and love, but the path to recovery is the same.   This is a book of plain-spoken wisdom for people with addictions and people who love them.

Joe McQ has been a student of the Twelve Steps for twenty-eight years.   He, like tens of thousands of others, lives them every day, one day at a time.  In The Steps We Took,  Joe takes us through them, one Step at a time, and helps us understand how they work and how they can change our lives.

Joe also is known for his talks with “Charlie” in the famous, “Joe and Charlie Big Book Workshops” which are also available on this website for Alcoholics Anonymous and a special one for Overeaters Anonymous as well!

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