How To Do An Intervention: A Step-By-Step Guide For Parents


Author: Marc Kantor, CIP

Having a child become addicted to drugs or alcohol is a parents’ worst nightmare.   Their behavior changes seemingly overnight, they become emotionally distant and they continually put themselves in harm’s way.   Though many parents want to help, getting children back on the right path is not as easy as it sounds-addiction is a disease, and it rewires the brain to prioritize drugs, alcohol and risky behavior over basic human needs like food or shelter.

With How to Do An Intervention,  recovering addict and South Florida Intervention founder Marc Kantor provides you with all the answers you need to help get your family back.   An informative and easy-to-follow blueprint, this guide is a necessity for anyone who has a loved one struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Walking readers through the entire process, step-by-step, How to Do An Intervention  offers valuable tips for evaluating and making solid treatment decisions, understanding and verifying insurance benefits, managing pre-intervention logistics and finally properly choosing and implementing consequences.   In addition to showing readers how to do an intervention, Kantor explores the relationships between parents and their children-whether they’re living at home or adults with children of their own.

Without an intervention, addiction can be deadly-but without proper guidance and understanding, interventions can be a risk as well.   How To Do An Intervention  gives you all the instructions and advice you need to pull off a successful intervention-and save your child’s life.