I Can’t Be An Alcoholic Because…


Part of the Hazelden Classics for Intervention Collection
Author: David C. Hancock

The common fallacies and misconceptions about alcoholism are clearly described in this pamphlet, which also provides facts and figures about alcohol: its use and its abuse.

“Why should I get help when nothing’s wrong, when my drinking is under control?. If I were an addict, I wouldn’t be able to hold on to my job, or my spouse, or…  Such self delusions are exactly what allow addicts to justify their behavior and carry on. It’s only when the truth behind those rationalizations is exposed that the addict is faced with a real choice: keep spiraling down with the progressive disease or seek help.  this pamphlet examines – and dispels – six common fallacies and misconceptions of addiction.  It also offers assurance that help is available.”

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