The Dry Drunk Syndrome


The Dry Drunk Syndrome
Part of Hazelden Classics for Continuing Care Series

Author: R.J. Solberg

Being dry isn’t the same as contented sobriety. This pamphlet offers simple perspectives and suggestions for the alcoholic who doesn’t drink but is still plagued with self-defeating thoughts and behavior.

Excerpt from the Introduction:
“If you’ve arrested your alcoholism or other chemical dependency, this pamphlet is for you.  It’s also for your family and friends.  My aim is to explain the dry drunk syndrome in simple, everyday terms. I make no claim to a scientific approach, bur rather to my years of experience as a chemical dependency counselor. The term dry drunk syndrome was first used a long time ago, when treatment programs focused exclusively on alcoholism, This pamphlet, however, applies to any chemically dependent person who wants to stay clean and sober. The information is not just for alcoholics, so instead of writing just about drinking, I often apply the term using. This word embraces any chemical we take to get drunk or get stoned or alter our mood.”

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