In The Moment: 365 Creative Ways


…To Connect With Your World 

Author: Jocelyn De Kwant & Illustrator: Sanny Van Loon

Expanding on the idea of what it means to be mindful, In the Moment  offers 365 unique prompts to encourage self-reflection, creative engagement, and appreciation for ordinary moments.   This guided journal is divided into twelve sections, each one focused on a different approach to living a mindful life.

  • The Nature chapter nudges you to look for heart-shaped leaves while you’re out for a walk.
  • The Body chapter includes a deep-breathing exercise to help restore your sense of calm.
  • The Play chapter features nostalgic paper games and doodling activities that remind you what life was like before the constant distraction of screens.

Filled with a mix of writing prompts, suggested activities, and space to draw, In the Moment is the perfect outlet for anyone who is looking for a practical approach to daily mindfulness.

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