Kids, Alcohol And Drugs: A Parents’ Guide


Everything You Need To Know To Prevent Your Child From Getting Hooked – And How To Help One Who Already Is

Author: Ruth Maxwell

Substance abuse can happen in any family, to any teenager.   But it can be prevented and stopped before tragic consequences result.   The critical deterrent is knowledge, pure and simple.

Written by a chemical dependency counselor who has had years of experience working with emotionally disturbed teenagers, Kids, Alcohol & Drugs provides the knowledge you need.   Ruth Maxwell offers hope, practical advice, and workable solutions that will teach you how to:

  • Recognize denial—and how it can stop you from seeing the reality of drug abuse in your home
  • Help your child deal with the unique pressures of adolescence from school, home life, and peer group
  • Learn what chemicals your teen might be using—and how they affect him or her
  • Determine the best form of treatment, incorporating both your teenager’s needs and your own


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