A Guide – Living With Yourself – A Workbook for Steps 4-7


A Guide to the Big Book’s Design for Living, A Workbook for Steps 4-7
Authors: Joanne Hubal and James Hubal

Living with Yourself invites you to explore the ideas for healthy living written into Steps Four through Seven of the Big Book, Alcoholics Anonymous.  Through easy-to-understand text as well as engaging exercises and personal inventories, this workbook can help you change your life by guiding you to change how you view yourself.

The workbook exercises in Living with Yourself will guide you to an understanding of yourself and the aspects of your beliefs and behavior that have caused chaos in your life and separated you from your Higher Power – and how the damage can be repaired and prevented from recurring.

An exploration of Steps Four through Seven, this resource will lead you through the Big Book’s suggestions for taking a “searching and fearless moral inventory,” for finding an appropriate person with whom to work your Fifth Step, and for having a Higher Power remove your character defects.   As you grow and recover through the questions and exercises in this guide, you’ll overcome roadblocks to recovery, get to know yourself better, and learn how to live at peace with yourself.

Whether you’re new to a Twelve Step program or simply reviewing the Big Book, Living with Yourself is designed to spark exciting, self-revealing insights on your journey of recovery. This workbook was created to reinforce important themes in the best-selling book, A Program for You: A Guide to the Big Book’s Design for Living, a celebration of the basic text of Twelve Step recovery.


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