Love First


A Family’s Guide to Intervention

Updated Tools and Techniques to Help Loved Ones Heal from Addiction
Third Edition
Authors: Jeff Jay and Debra Jay
Foreword by George McGovern

This revised and expanded edition of the most popular and effective book on intervention features enhanced tools and techniques to help loved ones face addiction.

Over the course of the last twenty years, Love First has helped tens of thousands of families, friends, and professionals create a loving and effective plan for helping those who suffer from addiction.   This revised and expanded edition adds to the core material in this classic book with the most up-to-date scientific information and new intervention techniques for alcohol and other drug addictions – and an array of disorders.

This trailblazing book empowers and equips families and friends to use the power of love and honesty to give their addicted loved ones a chance to reach for help.   Updated with the latest addiction science as well as insights gained from decades of front-line experience in family interventions, this revised and expanded edition contains practical tools for taking the next step together: transforming the intervention team into an ongoing community of loving support, lasting accountability, and lifelong recovery.

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