Toxic To Transformed


100 Words of Life to Renew The Mind

A Verbal & Emotional Abuse Recovery Devotional

Author: Donna L. Lewis

BREAK FREE!  Does it sometimes feel like you’re trapped in a cage, pinned down by debilitating anxiety and depression?   Have you been told you suffer from Complex PTSD?

There are few things people go through that can match the devastation of toxic verbal and emotional abuse.   It demolishes personal boundaries, self-worth and the ability to engage with life giving relationships.   Possibly worst of all, dreams are discarded along with the God given potential inside.

A FRESH START! What if I told you about a new beginning?   All it takes is a single outstretched hand of faith and you don’t have to do it alone!

Toxic to Transformed, 100 Words of Life to Renew the Mind  is written to support your hand. as you drink in the renewing power of God’s word your wings will spread and the cage will shatter.

FREE FROM THE CAGE!   Can you imagine life outside the cage?   A life where anxiety, depression and crippling self-doubt no longer govern your decisions.   A life where you experience the overflow promised by Jesus in John 10:10; a life defined by power, purpose and royal identity.   My friend, it can begin today!

  • 100 Words of Life!
  • 100 Transforming Scriptures!
  • 100 Opportunities to discover your royal identity!
  • 100 Days of empowering your divine purpose!
  • 100 Creative journaling exercises!

Raised in a home where verbal and emotional battery ran amuck, followed by over ten years in a toxic marriage, Donna Lewis knows life inside the cage, but even more so, the power of transformation and renewal promised in God’s Word.   Join worship leader, motorcycle mama and life mentor, Donna L Lewis as she leads you on a road trip of transformation.   It’s time for you to fly!

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