Love In The Gardens Of Macantar


A Spiritual Journey of Healing from Codependency and Relationship Addiction

Author: Lisa Acor Laural 

Lisa Acor Laural knows firsthand the necessity of letting go of relationships that aren’t working – letting go and moving on to mystery, adventure, and fulfillment.   In this memoir, she narrates her escape from an abusive relationship and how she found healing and self-discovery through her faith and trust in God.

Love in the Gardens of Macantar  delivers a series of personal journal entries chronicling Laurel’s journey from codependency, addiction, self-pity, and blame to a life of happiness, contentment, and taking responsibility for her actions.  It captures her progress through one year of healing, and it sheds light on Laurel’s inner-self, the great significance of her journey, and how she found her true passion in gardening.

Inspiring and uplifting, Laurel’s testimony offers hope for a prosperous, productive, and fulfilling life after leaving an abusive relationship.   Realizing that happiness is not a luxury, it is a responsibility, Love in the Gardens of Macantar shows there is a new beginning after the end.

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