Make Miracles In Forty Days


Turning What You Have Into What You Want

Author: Melody Beattie

A simple practice taking ten minutes a day that will transform you and your life

Over the course of twenty-five years, Melody Beattie has become a trusted friend for millions of readers, and in Make Miracles In Forty Days  she offers the ultimate distillation of what she learned about gratitude, surrender, and connecting with our essential power.  The power to enact change, the ability to create miracles, she argues, rests within ourselves.

In her innovative, six-week action plan, Beattie helps us establish the miracles we’d like to create and then walks us step-by-step through her Miracle Exercise, which combines the most powerful spiritual and recovery principles into a simple activity that can be done individually, with a partner, or as part of a group.  Along the way, she reveals her own experiences of making miracles, and those of the participants in her Miracle Workshop.  These moving stories of overcoming hardship and finding acceptance and forgiveness demonstrate that transformative change is within our reach and inspire us to move forward with a renewed vigor for life.

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