Many Faces, One Voice


Secrets from the Anonymous People
Author: Bud Mikhitarian
Foreword by Greg Williams

Many Faces, One Voice is a must-read companion book to the award-winning film The Anonymous People.   The book shares the intimate and inspiring stories of people in recovery from addiction who have exposed their secrets to light and are fighting to erase stigma and discrimination.   In exclusive interviews, celebrities, politicians, recovery leaders and advocates tell their personal stories in brutally honest and breathtaking detail, as they confront the paradox of anonymity and reveal the hope and power of recovery.

A vital record of the lives and testimony of brave people who have come out of the shadows of anonymity to fight stigma and discrimination” people who now publicly advocate for the 23 million Americans suffering with addiction.   Their inspiring stories, told in intimate detail, are essential to understanding the success, the hope, and the power of recovery.

Many Faces, One Voice is a collection of insights for individuals, families and everyone affected by America’s number one health problem, and opens secrets to healing ourselves and our society.


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