Meditation For Beginners: The Guide On How To Relax


…Destress And Gain Inner Peace With Your Mind And Soul

Author: Renae K. Elsworth

  • Are You Having Difficulties In Your Life?
  • Did something bad just happen?
  • Big quarrel with your spouse?
  • Just can’t go to sleep every night?
  • Want a change in your life?

The REAL problem is not what is happening on the outside but it is on the inside.   You do not have control over your mind even though you think otherwise.  99.99% of our decisions are made based on emotions without even realizing it.

Why not…Discover meditation?

Beginning meditation is one of the best choices you can make to improve your life in every way.   Everybody struggles and goes through difficult things but centering your mind and finding peace in meditation can help you endure.   The book is written without knowing the details of your life, but it will be able to help you flourish.

Inside this book you will find:

  • The many benefits of meditating, informed by science and the most cutting-edge research
  • Tips on how to maintain focus and gain more self-knowledge.   Nobody is too easily distracted or bored to learn how to excel at mediation.
  • Strategies for relaxation and concentration in every activity.   Meditation is not just for yoga anymore
  • Walking meditations for when you want to explore the great outdoors
  • Body scan meditations for getting comfortable with yourself and learning about your own body
  • Visualizations to come to grips with your demons and bring yourself peace
  • Tools to develop compassion for everyone from your worst enemies to yourself.


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