Anger Management: Mindfulness Therapy Applying Emotional Intelligence


Author: Rhonda Swan

Do you find that you are endlessly angry, no matter what you do?   Are your best attempts to keep your cool constantly met with the frustration that comes along with not being able to-which only makes the problem worse?   If so, then keep reading…

We all experience anger to some degree.   People simply have anger as a natural reaction to the world around them.   When we feel like we are out of control or we feel like we are being threatened, we tend to respond aggressively to the world around us.   This is a very normal reaction that you can see happen.

When you respond aggressively to other people, however, you can suffer from all sorts of problems.   You can wind up struggling to deal with the ways in which you relate to other people.   You can damage relationships.   You can isolate yourself from those around you.   All of this can happen when you struggle with your anger, and when that happens, you can find that you are more frustrated than ever attempting to cope with the problems.

When you deal with the anger on your own without direction, you can find that you are clueless about what to do.   You may try one thing, only to realize that it is not working for you.   You may try something else that someone else told you, but still find that you struggle.   Ultimately, if you want to be able to control your anger, there are programs out there for you.

When you learn how to manage your anger, you can begin to defeat all of those problems.   You learn how you can cope with your anger.   You discover how you can avoid being a slave to your emotions so you can live the life that you want to.

This book is here to teach you how you can do exactly that.   With all of the information provided to you in this book, you can discover how to understand your anger and then influence yourself to avoid having those anger management problems.

Do not let your anger continue to rule your life.  You do not have to live, constantly frustrated and angry.   You do not have to be endlessly frustrated and stuck in your anger.   You can learn to overcome it.   All you have to do is take the steps to do so, and this book will give those to you.   It is not too late!   Your ability to control your own anger is closer than you think.

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