Anger Management: Workbook for Adults


Author: Kathrin Deshotels

Do you want to control your impulsive behavior?

Are you tired of feeling guilty because of your bad reactions?

Is anger making your life a misery? Are you living with regret?

Being angry is a terrible burden to carry, but a calmer life IS possible!

Depressed or anxious people receive much sympathy, and rightly so, but anger sufferers, not so much.  They should.  Chronic anger is a stress-related difficulty too, and anger sufferers deserve compassion as much as anybody else.   You didn’t ask to be angry.   You won’t be judged here. There are solutions.

Anger Management will explain why your subconscious programming may be making it impossible for you to “will” yourself calm.

You’ll find practical, workable approaches here to understand and desensitize these triggers.   You’ll discover how to live more peacefully, enjoy better relationship security, be more patient with the world, and get more of what you need without the stress or regret of anger and rage.

In Anger Management,  Kathrin Deshotels offers a no-nonsense understanding of anger, its roots and causes, and how you can quickly put this understanding to practice as you re-connect with your best self.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!   Get your “yang” back in balance today with Anger Management: Workbook for adults.

You will learn:

  • Why the brain creates angry responses when we feel threatened, and what you can do to soothe it.
  • How to recognize where your personal anger stems from, and how to heal it.
  • Why anger can feel good and become an addiction.
  • About your brain chemistry. The “science” of the anger response.
  • Why “controlling” behavior will drive those you love away, and how to invite them closer instead.
  • How to “use” anger appropriately to have people help you instead of resent you!
  • Why softness controls hardness, and how to implement that understanding in your life.
  • The incredible power of words. How to ask for what you need, and why “sorry” is the most powerful word in the English language.
  • Plus, much more.

This clear and insightful book could help you change your life. If you’re angry, and you don’t know why, then don’t be without it.

Buy this book today to learn how to rescue your relationships, get more of what you want, and feel prouder of who you are because life is too short for regrets!

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