Anger Management: 12 Step Guide


To Recognize And Control Anger, Develop Emotional Intelligence and Self Discipline

Author: Ray Vaden

Anger Management: 12 Step Guide to Recognize and Control Anger, Develop Emotional Intelligence, and Self Discipline  gives you an outline of the 12 most critical steps that you should take to manage your anger

To that end, this book is arranged into 12 brief chapters that detail the steps you ought to take in the process of managing anger by recognizing and controlling anger to develop self-discipline and emotional intelligence that you need to maneuver through life and to guide the relationships you form with others.   This book begins by indicating to you the need for you to accept your anger rather than suppressing it.   It would actually be impossible for you to deal with something that you have not taken ownership of.

Once you accept that you are angry, you need to understand where the nature of your anger by determining its origins, its triggers, and the signs your body produces to indicate that the anger is about to surface.   Once you realize this, you can quickly take control of the situation. The techniques the book offers to deal with your anger once you have understood it includes pausing before you react, calmly expressing your anger, practicing empathy, redirecting your focus from the triggers of anger, and how to channel your anger in a creative way.

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