Morning Notes


365 Meditations to Wake You Up
Author: Hugh Prather

This is a book of great beginnings – 365 of them!   How we start each and every day affects everything – body, mind, spirit, family, work.   We can begin in a defensive mood or we can begin in a peaceful mood.

Daily reflections to kickstart your day.   Start each morning this year with the words of bestselling author, counselor, and minister Hugh Prather.   Prather asks readers to consider the holistic nature of our lives ― noting that how we start our day affects everything, from our mind and spirit to our family and work.   If we start in an agitated mood, we face the day with a combative spirit.   But when we begin in a peaceful mood, we open the door to welcome in more opportunities and graces.

Renew your determination to become a better person.   With each page of this spiritual book, you are invited to live as if you think our world and the people in it are worth caring about and worth making time for.   Because when we realize that they are, and that we are all united in a unique relationship (ourselves, others, and God), we wake up to our own responsibility for what happens to us.   These daily meditations ask us to reflect on the spiritual task ahead of us.

Learn more about:

  • The benefits of beginning each day with a peaceful mindset and a spiritual goal in mind
  • Mindfulness meditations that awaken the mind and replenish the spirit
  • How to start over and become a better person

Love, forgiveness, self-healing, change – yes! Self-loathing, judgment, anger, prevaricating – no!   The former help us realize our Oneness within ourselves, with other human beings, and with God.   The latter prevent this realization.

These 365 simple meditations take us a long way toward our spiritual home.   Individually and as a whole they speak to the spiritual task of the 21st century – to wake up to our own responsibility for what happens to us.


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