Narcissistic Rage: Understanding & Coping


Understanding & Coping With Narcissistic Rage, Silent Treatment & Gaslighting

Author: Lauren Kozloski

Hurtful criticism.   Nasty ‘jokes’.   Angry outbursts for seemingly no reason.   Verbal attacks towards your innocent comments.   Stone-cold silent treatment.   Manipulative actions to ensure you don’t know if you’re coming or going.   Sound familiar?

The phrase to summarize the above abhorrent treatment is narcissistic rage.

The words ‘narcissistic’ and ‘rage’ are bad enough by themselves.   When you merge them together, it becomes a force to be reckoned with; a volatile tornado that can emotionally destroy anything that dares enter its path.   The term is as frightening and daunting as it sounds, and enduring the full force of narcissistic rage is enough to mentally and emotionally defeat just about anyone who gets in the way.

This book will cover the following:

  • What narcissistic rage is
  • The types of narcissistic rage
  • What causes this rage to erupt
  • The silent treatment and how to handle it
  • Gaslighting and temper tantrums

This book aims to give you a better understanding of narcissistic rage and the deadly silent treatments that comes alongside it.   The author says, “I endured an abusive, narcissistic relationship for a long time, and have used my experience to connect with other survivors to help them heal, too.”

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