New Life, New Friends


 Making And Keeping Relationships In Recovery 

Authors: Christina Baldwin & Cynthia Orange

An essential guide to cultivating sober relationships while in recovery.

The early days of recovery can be overwhelmingly lonely.  But this is the time you need friends most.  New Life, New Friends  is a unique and practical guide to cultivating supportive relationships.  Drawing on the words and experiences of many people in recovery, it shows how to:

• Find people who share your commitment to personal change and growth
• Cope with self – consciousness and low self – esteem
• Choose a sponsor and make the most of your Twelve Step group
• Establish boundaries and “ground rules” to keep relationships on track
• Handle work or social situations where drinks, drugs, or unhealthy foods are available
• Learn to ask for what you need — and to say no when necessary
• Deal with family anger, guilt, or rejection
• Develop the most important friendship of your life — with yourself


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