Nothing’s Wrong – A Man’s Guide to Managing His Feelings


Author: David J. Kundtz

Here’s a book that truly acknowledges the bewildering effects strong emotions have on men and how men can learn to deal with them.   Its plain language and examples are far from the touchy-feely tone of so many other titles in this category.

Too many guys of all ages have only about half the information they need to live successful professional and personal lives.   Most men are terrific with their thinking half – the part that deals with facts, figures, and information.   Nothing’s Wrong  helps men find the half that’s missing – the emotional half.

Men have long been conditioned to conceal a full range of emotions, including sadness, anxiety, and worry.   Author David Kundtz shows men how to identify and express whatever they’re feeling in a healthy way and to learn to be comfortable with the feelings of others.    He provides the tools and language with which men can access and express deep, vibrant, emotional lives.   Written for males, from teenagers to grandfathers, Nothing’s Wrong  liberates men so that their jobs and relationships can flourish and they can find new, lasting success in life, in the ways that really count.

Kundtz helps men become skilled and confident with the emotional part of life with a variety of stories, simple-to-do exercises, and a three-step, daily practice for emotional fitness:

  1. Notice the feeling and stay with it.
  2. Name the feeling.
  3. Express the feeling to the outside world.

Written in a matter-of-fact, non-touchy-feely style, Nothing’s Wrong  helps men manage their feelings to build rich, emotional lives and find more satisfying relationships, improved health, and successful careers.  Try it – the results can be amazing!

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