Prayers for the Twelve Steps: A Spiritual Journey


By Friends In Recovery & Jerry S.

Prayers Written And Compiled By Bill Pittman

Prayers for the Twelve Steps – A Spiritual Journey  can be used alone or as a companion to the “The Twelve Steps for Christians” or “The Twelve Steps – A Spiritual Journey.”

It includes over one hundred prayers of declaration, meditation, thanksgiving, and more.   “Lord, teach us to pray,” were the words of Jesus’ disciples when they asked their master for a lesson in how to pray.   Like many of us, the disciples found prayer somewhat foreign and even uncomfortable.   They could recite prayers, but they did not know how to pray.

Many people think of prayer as limited to asking God for something, but it is also caring communication and fellowship with God.   Prayer is as broad as life itself.   The prayers in this book show us how to develop a fulfilling personal style of prayer that will connect us with God.  This insightful book is a valuable tool for Christians in any twelve-step program.

The book adapts the Twelve Steps that were written over seventy five years ago when Alcoholics Anonymous was founded.   This program teaches us how God uses the healing power of the Twelve Steps as a way to restore the lives of countless individuals.   Members of Alcoholics Anonymous carry the healing message to others, acknowledging that they know what it feels like to be broken by life and mended by God.

Can be used as a companion to “The Twelve Steps – A Spiritual Journey” or “The Twelve Steps for Christians.”

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