Recovery From Codependence: A Jewish Twelve Steps


A Jewish Twelve Steps Guide To Healing Your Soul 

Author: Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky

“In codependence, the emphasis is on everyone and everything but ourselves….In recovery, we learn how to say no, to set boundaries in relationships, and then perhaps walk away ― if necessary ― sometimes for a long time, perhaps forever.   It’s not without effort….Even if a relationship is worth saving, your active codependence can destroy it.   It will not help it or you and will certainly not convince the other person in your life to stop drinking or using or gambling or eating compulsively or running around.   But your recovery can nurture a relationship with God while it nurtures you at the same time.”

―From Recovery from Codependence

This book is not just for Jewish people. It’s for all people who would gain strength to heal and insight from the Bible and the wisdom of Jewish tradition.

With the same groundbreaking insight of his Twelve Jewish Steps to Recovery: A Personal Guide to Turning From Alcoholism and Other Addictions and Renewed Each Day: Daily Twelve Step Recovery Meditations Based on the Bible, Kerry Olitzky has produced an inspiring new volume that brings healing wisdom to those whose lives are most directly affected by the addiction of a loved one.

Recovery From Codependence: A Jewish Twelve Steps Guide to Healing Your Soul  explains how the Twelve Steps of Co-Dependents Anonymous are relevant for Jewish people and all people who would gain strength to heal and insight from Jewish tradition.

You may be a codependent person if you are in a relationship with an alcoholic or addicted person, someone who has an eating disorder, engages in compulsive gambling or sex, if you are addicted to a relationship, or if you are part of a dysfunctional family.   Though you may be suffering, broken in spirit, this book can help you be healed, be empowered to take hold of your life, and be made to feel spiritually whole once again.   Using the familiar Twelve Step model, Dr. Olitzky, known for his spiritual leadership and for reaching out to help people in recovery, takes the codependent person on a Jewish journey through the Twelve Steps.

Rabbi Olitzky’s inspiring message draws on the experience of Jewish tradition and the personal experiences of recovering codependent people.   He provides Twelve Step support for people of all faiths and backgrounds.

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