Renewed Each Day – Daily Twelve Step Recovery Meditations – Volume 1


Based on the Bible; Vol. 1: Genesis & Exodus

Authors: Rabbi Kerry M. Olitzky & Aaron Z.

Using a seven-day/weekly guide format, a recovering person and a spiritual leader who is reaching out to addicted people reflect on the traditional weekly Bible reading.   They bring strong spiritual support for daily living and recovery from addictions of all kinds: alcohol, drugs, eating, gambling and sex.   A profound sense of the spirit soars through their words and brings all people in Twelve Step recovery programs home to a rich and spiritually enlightening tradition.

This book is not just for Jewish people.   It’s for all people who would gain strength to heal and insight from the Bible and the teachings of Jewish tradition.

This collection of weeks 1-24 of a two-volume set of meditations on the Torah is beautifully arranged.  It consists of five days per week of brief (one-verse) text and two days of brief statements from other Jewish traditions (such as Nachman, the Talmud).  Each day the text is supplemented by commentary; five days a week by Rabbi Olitzky and two days by Aaron Z., a recovering addict.  These meditations amplify the prescribed weekly theme from the traditional cycle of Torah readings.   This book provides genuine spiritual support for Jews in 12-step recovery programs. Highly recommended for Judaica collections.