Overthinking: Discover How To Clean And Unfu*k Your Mind


… through quick success habits, thinking and meditation, awareness for creativity, slow your brain and be yourself

Author: Alexander Smith

Do you have a propensity to overanalyze everything?   Do you have a problem getting to sleep?   Were you worried about the future?

What could be wrong with thinking too much?  Isn’t it good?   Getting lost in your thoughts is relatively harmless, but that’s not what overthinking is.   Overthinking is when the mind gets overwhelmed with a few negative thoughts that seem to be on an endless loop that keeps playing faster and faster.

If you manage to stop overthinking, you’ll find that you’ve already wasted a lot of time and that you’re both mentally and physically energized.

A preview of what you will learn:

  • Understanding overthinking
  • Signs and causes of overthinking
  • Why you are overthinking (causes)
  • Challenging your thought
  • Implementing active problem-solving techniques
  • Procrastination and overthinking
  • How to let go of others expectations
  • And many more

Recognize the reasons why you are continuously overthinking and you learn a few tips and techniques on how to dig yourself out of the spiral of this mental prison.

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