Anger Management Workbook: Master Your Emotions


 Develop Self Control and Achieve Financial Freedom. Tips and Tricks for Managing Powerful Emotions and Unlocking Your Full Potential

Author: Peter Goldberg

Everyone can benefit from anger management as we are never taught how to manage anger and other emotions and therefore lack tools.   You do not need to be a very angry person or a violent or aggressive person to benefit from this book.

Explosive anger symptoms usually happen because we lack control and tools, so when we act out in anger and we impact others negatively causing problems.  This gives rise to conflict, relationship breakdown, stress and even poor health and depression.   We need to get help with our mis-managed anger so that we have healthier and happier lives.

Key points in this workbook:

  • How our background impacts our lives and how to change the parts of it we find to be counterproductive
  • The mechanics of who we are and why we react to people and events the way we do
  • A closer look at anger as an emotion
  • Using meditation to alleviate the anger completely.
  • The experience of being out of control; No other personal experience is more counterproductive in our lives.   Here we make critical distinctions regarding why this happens and how to change it
  • Digging deeper into our past to determine our foundational influences and how to change them
  • Staying active in mind and body is always the right choice
  • Self-awareness; the perception of the extent of the problem can reveal hidden triggers and in turn, relevant strategies.

Many people before you have broken through a life-threatening anger barrier.  You can, too!   The difference will be astonishing.   You will love the results!


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