Step 10: Maintaining My New Life


Part of Hazelden Classic Step Pamphlets Series
Revised Edition
Author: Mel B.

We’re only human, and humans make mistakes. This pamphlet helps us to understand the benefit of admitting when we are wrong so that we don’t start hiding behind secrets that could lead to a relapse.

“It’s hard for us to see the truth sometimes. One really difficult truth is this: we need to take inventory even when we are doing well, perhaps especially when we are doing well. That’s what this pamphlet, Step 10: Maintaining My New Life, is about.  By working Step Ten, we learn the necessity of paying constant attention to our thoughts and motives, our words and actions. We come to recognize ways we can sabotage our inventory with the War Story, the Blanket admission, and the Partial Admission. Through the discipline of daily inventory, however, we learn to protect and strengthen our sobriety.  We learn to see the truth.”

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