Stop Codependency: How To End The Vicious Cycle


…Of Codependent Relationships, Stop Manipulative Behavior In Its Tracks, And Learn To Love Yourself And Others In A Real Healthy Relationship

Author: Antony Felix

Don’t continue digging your early grave by continuing with codependency in your relationship; do something NOW!

  • Are you in a codependent relationship, where you place another person’s problems above your own problems?
  • Has the person gotten so used to your helping to the extent that he/she now expects you to do everything for him/her without asking questions?
  • Does he/she resort to manipulative tactics like shaming, guilt tripping, gas lighting and others to get you to do everything he/she wants?
  • Do you even have to cover up his/her abuse, addiction and different other harmful behaviors?
  • Do you feel somewhat helpless in the relationship and are looking for a way out because you are tired of overlooking your own needs and desires just to please, care for and protect him/her?

If you answered these questions with a yes, this book is what you need.   The book will help you to get off the unhealthy cycle of codependency even if you feel stuck at the moment.

More precisely, the book will help you to understand:

  • What codependency really is so that you can determine whether your relationship is really codependent
  • What makes you an ideal candidate for the person controlling you so that you know how to break away from that by making yourself unattractive
  • The dangers of staying in a codependent relationship that you should be aware of to give you the motivation and willpower to want to do something NOW
  • How codependent manifests as a vicious cycle
  • Why guilt and shame is your worst enemy in a codependent relationship and how to overcome them
  • Step by step process of breaking away from codependence
  • How to stop being an enabler in your relationship
  • How to get your relationship past codependence and reclaim mutual respect and trust
  • How to restore your self-esteem after the whole ordeal
  • When to break ties

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