The Anatomy Of Addiction


What Science And Research Tell Us About The True Causes, Best Preventive Techniques, And Most Successful Treatments 

Author: Akikur Mohammad, M.D.

A groundbreaking, science – based approach to addiction that addresses it as the chronic brain disease it is and offers a proven lifelong treatment plan.

In The Anatomy of Addiction readers will discover information and advice on:

  • normal vs. problem drinking
  • new medications that are now available
  • medical and psychiatric complications of different addictions
  • the importance of treating a dual diagnosis (such as addiction and borderline personality disorder or depression)
  • maintenance therapy
  • when and how to seek treatment, and the roles family members should play
  • effective strategies for treating the teenage addict
  • inpatient and outpatient treatment services

Using proven research and methods, top addiction professional Akikur Mohammad, MD, addresses how to understand and treat multiple types of addiction, from heroin and opiates to alcohol and prescription pills.

As engaging as it is informative, The Anatomy of Addiction  is a crucial, science – based action plan to help addicts — and their families, friends, and caregivers — conquer addiction once and for all.



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