The Anger Control Workbook


Simple, Innovative Techniques For Managing Anger And Developing Healthier Ways Of Relating

Author: Matthew McKay, Ph.D. & Peter Rogers, Ph.D.

The Anger Control Workbook  offers a new and highly effective approach to anger control that gives you the tools you need to manage anger in your day-to-day life.   You’ll get a deeper understanding of how anger affects all areas of your life both physically and emotionally — and within a few weeks feel the benefits of controlling destructive anger.   This workbook shows you how to practice new coping behaviors that allow you to gain control in anger-stimulating situations.   Throughout, the techniques are streamlined and presented in a clear, step-by-step format, including numerous exercises and worksheets.   It’s arranged to make it as easy as possible to put together a program tailored to your own personal obstacles and triggers

This book has been awarded The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies Self-Help Seal of Merit — an award bestowed on outstanding self-help books that are consistent with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) principles and that incorporate scientifically tested strategies for overcoming mental health difficulties.   Used alone or in conjunction with therapy, our books offer powerful tools readers can use to jump-start changes in their lives.


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